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Are Dance Private Lessons/Coaching Sessions Worth It?

As a ballet teacher and coach for dancers, I find private lessons are often the most rewarding to teach.  In a group setting, corrections should always be given and explained. However, 100% of the teacher’s attention has to be split between the number of students in that class. In a private lesson, 100% of the teacher’s attention is on the individual student. Private dance lessons should always be tailored to the individual dancer. When teaching a private lesson or private coaching session, I always focus specifically on what the dancer needs, what the dancer is having difficulty with in class, and whatever the dancer has as a personal goal.


Faster progress. Since these lessons and sessions are tailored to the individual dancer, more time can be spent on specific corrections that dancer may need to progress to the next level or reach his/her personal goals.

Decreased risk of injury. One-on-one attention should involve breaking down combinations and dance steps to emphasize technique and proper body placement/alignment. Generally speaking, this emphasis on improving technique will carry over to class work which is often fast paced. This will decrease the likelihood that a dancer will perform with faulty technique which is often a source of injury.

Variety. Taking private lessons from different instructors provides a variety of corrections and allows different perspectives. It will help the dancer become versatile and increase the dancer’s ability to take and apply corrections in a variety of different settings. The dancer may also find instructors that explain corrections and movements in a manner that the dancer better understands and can apply easier.


Other considerations:

What are the dancer’s future goals? This can apply to long-term or short-term goals. Does the dancer have career goals? If so, private lessons can be the fundamental stepping stone to reach that goal.  If the dancer does not have dance career goals, private lessons are beneficial in the short-term (for example: preparing for summer intensives, competitions, auditions, performances/shows).

The dancer’s love of dancing.  Some dancers partake in classes, shows, competitions solely for the socialization. This is absolutely fine. However, some dancers truly and honestly love the art and cannot get enough dancing. For these dancers, private lessons can be a way to allow them increased time to perfect their dancing and to allow them that creative outlet.

Price. A  lot of times, it all comes down to price. There is such a wide range of prices for private lessons depending on a variety of factors. If interested in private lessons, the best option would be to inquire.

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