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In 2016, let’s eat right! Most of the time…

After the new year rolls around, we often make fairly demanding resolutions to the way we eat. “I won’t drink pop;ever.” “I’ll never have desert.” Now that it’s February, research shows at least 80% of those resolutions failed.

This year I encourage you to demand a little bit less. Let’s not strive for perfection. First, there really is no perfect way to eat. Second, this mindset usually only leads to let downs. It doesn’t account for that wedding you’ll attend or that time when you’re having a busy week and just can’t find time to prepare a healthy meal.

This year, let’s embrace imperfection. As I try to provide you with up to date nutrition information to live a healthier lifestyle and optimize your performance, don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t let the fact that you can’t eat the recommended amount before training bother you. Don’t get discouraged when your recovery meal is potato chips and beer instead of a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio.

We’ve all been there; we’ve missed training sessions due to whatever life throws our way. Still, the race usually turns out just fine. We don’t throw in the towel at that less than stellar workout. We take it in stride and move on. This year, let’s resolute to not let the imperfections of our eating get in our way of making progress and becoming healthier overall. Strive to eat right most of the time, allowing some room for imperfection.

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