Loading and Natural Tendencies

At least 9 times out of 10 I can determine a runners injured side (right versus left) by observing them standing, sitting, or even laying down. Many running injuries are not painful in those positions; therefore you cannot infer that the runner is simply favoring the injured side. People often develop “natural tendencies” such as always standing or sitting with weight shifted to the same side or with one foot pointing consistently more outward. In people who do NOT run, these natural tendencies are unlikely to play a large roll in developing an injury. Endurance runners, on the other hand, are very unique. Running involves loading each leg with 3-4 times their body weight roughly 90 times per minute.
If you consistently unload one leg, point one foot out greater than the other, or bring your knees together in sitting, then you can expect these movement patterns to show up in your running gait. You cannot move your body one way all day, then turn your “running switch” on to symmetrically and properly accept load.Tips:
  1. Be aware throughout the day.
  2. Correct and load evenly.
  3. If you are currently injured and having trouble correcting your natural tendencies while running then ask me for help!
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