Dead Butt Syndrome?

Are your glutes dysfunctional? You may have  dead butt syndrome! Surprising to most, dead butt syndrome is not a diagnosis typically associated with the sedentary.  Dead butt syndrome mostly affects runners and other athletes.  What is it? Poor glute strength and/or impaired ability to “turn on” the glutes.

What’s the big deal? Good glute activation and strength, of maximus and medius primarily, are very important for performance and injury prevention.

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Planking: Not Just a Fad

Planking is definitely one of my top five favorite exercises. WHY is the plank superior to other core exercises?

  1. Neutrality– Your core typically should be as flat as a board while planking. This position is better for the spine compared to a sit-up especially if you are a beginner to core strengthening.
  2. Versatility– There are several ways to morph the basic plank. A side plank with hip abduction and a forward plank with hip extension showed the greatest activation of the gluteus medius and maximus muscles compared to other well respected glut burning exercises (1). Your gluts are key muscles for stabilizing your pelvis. A stable pelvis results in better mechanics at the knee and ankle joints.
  3. Functionality– Core stabilization+arm and leg movements=what we do every day. Not only is a strong core great for optimizing performance and being aesthetically pleasing but also can aid  injury prevention!

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